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Research on two Porsche 550 Spyders

I will be happy to share more with you on the car. The 550-0081 illustrated in the pictures was raced by Vasek Polak and Rolf Wütherich a Porsche mechanic, who was a friend and helped Vasek with the 4-cam engines. The race at Paramount Ranch, was Vasek's first race ever and apparently he was not 100% firm with the racing rules as he did not understand flag signals. He further spun the car, luckily not hitting a wall or another car.

1957 - 1.500cc:
  • 07.12. Paramount Ranch - Preliminary: #210, DNF Driver: Vasek Polak - 'Failed to understand flags', pulled into pits
  • 08.12. Paramount Ranch: #210, 7th OA, 3rd IC - Driver: Rolf Wütherich
  • 08.12. Paramount Ranch: #210, 7th OA, 5th IC - Driver: Vasek Polak

1958 - 1.500cc:
  • 01.03. Valley of the Sun - Preliminary, Phoenix: #188, 2nd OA, 1st IC
  • 23.03. Stockton - Preliminary: #188 14th OA, 7th IC
  • 28.06. Riverside - Preliminary Novice: #?, 2nd OA, 1st IC
550-0081-1957-12-07. Vasek Polak's first car after his arrival in U.S. was this Porsche Spyder (sideways) which he purchased with money he earned as a mechanic.

550-0081-1957-12-07-Vasek Polak


550-0081-1958-Vasek Polak's shop
Vasek Polak's shop

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