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Vasek Polak 1914 - 1997

Everything on this website was made possible by Vasek Polak. To many Porsche enthusiasts, his name is well known, as a race car driver, Porsche mechanic, Porsche dealer, collector of racing cars. For those who have not heard his story, we wish to present it here. We invite submissions from anyone who knew him.

Mr. Polak died in 1997, from injuries sustained in a crash on the German autobahn. He left his estate to the Vasek and Anna Maria Polak Charitable Foundation, Inc. to promote cancer research and to build treatment facilities in this country and his native Czech Republic. The car collection and the dealerships are gone, but the man lives on in the memories of those who knew him.

Mr. Polak was a man of strong opinions, which he did not keep to himself. I recently listened as two of his mechanics told stories about him... "you wouldn't say that if he was still alive". "No I wouldn't!"

In many respects Mr. Polak viewed life as a game; it was not always easy to tell if his anger was real or just for show. He was overbearing, dictatorial, but could be kind and very generous. He was respected and loved by his friends.

..Anke Witt

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