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Stories from our visitors

We would like to add your story to this page. Send in stories about your own Porsche experiences, about the races, about the cars, the drivers, and about Mr. Polak. If you have photos you would like to have included, email as .jpg image.

[James Halverson (1-01)]    [Brian Belton (3-01)]     [Marsh Duncanson (8-01)]     [Steve Young (10-04)]     Patrick C Ryan (11-05)     Bruce Ponder (8-05)     Steve Ducommun (2-06)     Howard Wendel (7-06)     Wayne Ellwood (6-08)     Adan Figueroa (3-09)     Ted Dahlke (5-09)     Phil Pausmer (10-09)
Bill Marks (11-13)     Terry C. Tario (6-16)     Chris Pascale (5-18)

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